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Up the creek

Aug 14, 1998 04:17 PM
by Kym Smith

Dallas wrote:

>All your questions about deserving or non-deserving can only be answered
>interiorly, if you question your own motives, knowledge and purpose for such
>a contact.

Yet, again, you have ignored my questions to you.  Well, no matter - I
expected such - however, I doubt I will find the answer to where I used
"barnyard terms" or how Dallas himself thinks regarding his own
extra-responsibility in THE KEY TO THEOSOPHY.  Is there a page in THE KEY
TO THEOSOPHY that talks about you specifically and one that speaks of Kym's
horrifying terminology?  Odd, I don't recall there being any.

Also, it is HPB, and not me, who INSISTED the "Masters" were real, walking,
talking, human beings.  So, for a person (and I am not one of them) to wish
for a physical visit from the "Masters" has had the seed of such a wish
planted in them from HPB.

Oh, and, the "Masters" still visited HPB even though she smoked, cursed,
and engaged in some other indulgences, such as over-eating.  Why she
married, then never foogie-foogied with her husbands (she had more than
one, it is said) is a mystery.

But the point is: The "Masters" seem to visit those who do NOT adhere very
strictly to what is supposed to make one in the physical sense, according
to some folks on this list, trucking down the path of "spirituality."

Which means: NO ONE can really claim any knowledge as to whom a "Master"
would choose to dine with since none of us can ever know what is in
someone's heart.

Which means:  At this point, we are all in the running for such a visit -
or we are all in the same boat.  Well, hot dog!  Grab a paddle, Dallas, and
have a seat - you can sit next to me if you want, but I get the cushion
since you've been so liverish.


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