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Re: Theos-World figures in history compared

Mar 01, 2003 09:41 AM
by netemara888 " <>

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> Hitler was a Beast
> But Bush is lunatic
> We can manage with a beast rather than lunatic
Hi nama,

There is more than one way to see world leaders. I have made a study, 
an historical study of the leaders of the world, ancient and present. 
I have begun to trace Hitler's past lives his metamorphosis through 
those lives. And I assure you he is neither a beast nor a lunatic. He 
followed a pattern which was set up before he came on the world 
scene. And as I quoted on my website from The Tibetan that what we 
have is not destruction of human beings in WWII but the destruction 
of forms. There is a difference. There is a karmic difference. If you 
have read the many accounts of the holocaust as I have you will see 
that these were choices of suffering. Some chose to suffer and go 
through this karma fully and others died at the sight of it and 
others committed suicide. 

Suffering for past sins is a choice but it is a choice which can be 
put off to another time and it becomes future karmas. This is also 
the case with Hitler. He is not burning in hell, he has returned to a 
physical body just as many who were killed in the holocaust. That is 
the LAW. The less evolved have less control over how this law affects 
their life.

As for Bush I had contact with him on the inner planes before he took 
office that summer in fact. I knew he would be elected. Then it 
played out as some sort of theft of the office. Yeah, the powers that 
be stole the office for him--if you want to look at it that way.

Bush, now, may be the one who presides over countless loss and 
destruction of human forms if this war has a domino effect. Bush, 
like Hitler, knows exactly what he is doing, make no mistake about 
it. And if he does not, then those who are pulling his spiritual 
strings DO. I can't say more than this about it. Hitler's case was 
one of extremes in the ranks. They went too far and evil was about to 
overtake humanity and according to the Tibetan the Gods stepped in 
and had to help. You don't have to read or believe anything I've 
said. But the Truth is usually NOT what people THINK. Truth is 
created by those that KNOW.

Sufi light has made some comments about linking this all to 
Theosophy. Well world leaders are linked to Theosophy due to the 
First Ray of power's role in the world which provides world leaders 
and royalty. Blavatsky herself was royalty and from royal families in 
many lives. Those who know and have studied her know that she had a 
short fuse and a host of flaws that are directly related to the first 
ray personality type. Sufi also mentioned that we should incorporate 
some of King's talimens in our thinking. He believed as Gandhi did in 
nonviolence and nondestruction. Well, in my understanding of creation 
there is going to be destruction to make way for the new. 

It is strange that Gandhi urged his followers be nonviolent and to 
get/take their freedom from the British Raj but they in turn vented 
all that anger toward the Brits and violence on each other and killed 
up and hacked up fellow countrymen, but did little violence to the 
British? This has also been seen among African Americans. They have 
done little to the white establishment but have reeked havoc on their 
own kind! That is not what the First Ray had in mind--that the little 
people should be killed, by their own kind. So is there no irony in 
the fact that they were both gunned down in an act of violence? I am 
not saying they did not say some good words but they must have taken 
a wrong turn somewhere.

My own not so humble opinion about MKG and MLK is that they 
manifested Second Ray qualities in a First Ray job. And that is why 
the world powers do OWE them holidays and a great deal of thanks for 
saving their hides!!!!!


> namaasivayam
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> > 4) "Adolf Hitler" has 10 letters. "George Bush" has 10 letters.
> >
> > Really? I count 11 for Adolf Hitler.
> >
> > 9) Hitler was known to eat food regularly. So is Bush.
> >
> > Hitler was a vegetarian and loved animals, Bush not. Hitler 
scheduled to
> stop all animal sacrifice for the 1950's in order to live in 
harmony with
> nature. For the same reason in 1934 an environment control program 
> launched.
> > Bush supports animal sacrifice, even food indexed as "k" (for 
> Bush destroys environment.
> > Frank
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