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Re: Theos-World Democracy American style

Mar 07, 2003 11:03 AM
by Theo Paijmans

Hi Wry,

I am not sure as to what you mean, but thank you nevertheless.

Kind regards,


wry wrote:

> Hi Theos. You will never run out of material such as the below, will you?
> There is always more. The further you get away from the core, the less "you"
> there will be and the more a series of mechanical reactions. This takes you
> into the mouth of the wolf where, when ever the faint hope of something new
> or original starts to arise, it is immediately and continuously devoured.
> Because you do not have the discrimination to select material in such a way
> that you can construct and design with it and apparently do not want to
> learn how to do so, there is no way to reach you or connect with you, but
> you are good to use as an example, and in this way, the wheat can be more
> efficiently separated from the chaff. This list is actually a good place for
> you, as there are many others like you, and a few who are not like you,
> which makes a big contrast. Between the this and the that there is a
> potential for a certain kind of material to be gleaned that can be used as
> food for the development of something higher in a few. In this way you, too,
> can be a participant in the establishment of a universal brotherhood that
> does not flounder over unrealistic and utopian ideals. People like you make
> messages like this easy to write. Sincerely, Wry

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