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Re: Theos-World War - Dennis

Mar 12, 2003 06:05 PM
by Steve Stubbs

--- In, Bart Lidofsky <bartl@s...> wrote:
> Steve Stubbs wrote:
> > There are a number of possible reasons, including the Hollywood 
> > Blacklist, the House Unamerican Activities Commitee, Senator Joe 
> > McCarthy, 
> A period which lasted only a couple of years, and turned out to 
> more truth to it than was originally thought.

Both of those statements will be made by our TheoNazis about Hitler.

> > the Nixon enemies list, 
> One man. And a small list.

The Nixon administration was a lot more than one man. Many of them 
were total screwballs.

> All he did was steal military secrets. No reason at all to pursue 

Nixon had to prosecute him for theft of photocopy paper because 
nothing else would stick.

> Standard political procedure all around the world, before and since.

With an attitude like that, how can you take a pseudo-idealist jingo 
posture? That is the issue. If anything goes, we might as well have 
Nero in there.

> In other words, the ending of it. Do you think the U.S. should have 
> kept it going instead?

The US gave up Jim Crow kicking and screaming after a century. Now 
those same elements want it back.

> Which were actions AGAINST the U.S. government, not BY them.

They were not actions against the VP, who refuses to talk abut his 

> What chemical and biological weapons were used?

Refer to the excellent set of links posted by Theo.

> Wasn't he a Communist?

Pol Pot was a client of the US admkinistration.

> You have proof of U.S. involvement?

There have been numerous documentaries for decades.

> Elected at gunpoint; there were more Soviet soldiers in Nicaraugua 
> there were Nicarauguans.

Surely you bart.

> The U.S. government did none of the above.

But cheered it on and refused to restrain it.

> Name 10.

Ask any biologist.

> Millions of babies in Iraq by the actions of Saddam Hussein

He is not the one imposing 12 years of sanctions. There is something 
weird about sanctions on the babies while Saddam and his cronies live 
in luxury.

> If that were the motive, there are far easier ways to achieve it, 
> including forcing contracts on Kuwait, or taking over Venezuala in 
> name of the "war on drugs".

Some think both ofd those are in the planning stages.

We have to get rid of the rose colored glasses and look at things the 
way they are or they will continue to deteriorate. The most 
patriotic thing we can do is stop waving flags for a brief time and 
occasionally wave fists. Let the politicians know we know what they 
know and they'd better know we know what they know and if they act 
like they don't knoiw we know, then we know how to turn the rasclals 

Everywhere except Florida, that is.

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