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Re: Theos-World Theosophy, brotherhood, prayer and political action.

Oct 07, 2003 01:30 PM
by leonmaurer

Hey Sufi...

How about getting off the ULT bashing by innuendo business? Haven't you got 
it yet? The only way such a group like the "Noosphere" thinkers (and doers) 
could have come aćbout is if the "theosophists" who started it were "Independent 
students" -- either in or out of ULT -- and not tied up with old archaic 
forms of monolithic religions or political concepts like Sufism, Buddhism, 
Hinduism, Judaism, TheosophicalSocietyism, Catholicism, Taoism, Communism, 
Capitalism, etc., etc., etc.  

So, give us a break already, and start practicing what you preach, by helping 
us make theosophy dynamic in ALL directions. just go look around the 
Internet at the action postings by independent theosophists (including my web sites, 
noosphere's, Chris Holmes', Reed Carson's, noetic science groups, etc, etc.-- 
some of which propose a whole new scientific way of looking at theosophical 
metaphysics, and others that offer action projects that are directed to the 
theosophical moles caught up in their closed spin circles, as well as involving 
the surrounding world)... And, see for yourself how many of them come out of 
ULT, or "independent" association with theosophy, rather than any religious, 
political or philosophical organizational group.  

Or, haven't you awakened yet to what's needed and going on (at least at the 
starting gate) in the practical world -- that certainly needs our help to 
straighten itself out -- before HPB's prediction of dire disaster for human 
evolution (if we don't do something about it) comes about?  

What do your Sufi teachers say about that?   

Best wishes,


In a message dated 10/07/03 7:17:48 AM, writes:

>Hi Leon and all of you,
>Im liked the part about
>"Since the project is dynamic"
>at the link
>So when do we see a dymanic Theosophy changing and adapting to the 
>presnet day and circumstance ?
>>I politely ask.
>C-ULT ?

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