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RE: Theosophy, brotherhood, prayer and political action.

Oct 08, 2003 03:25 AM
by W. Dallas TenBreoeck

Oct 8 2003

Dear Morten:

Re: The various "THEOSOPHICAL" organizations.

Consider this:  

All organizations are formal bodies. They tend to restrict the
individual to some extent.

THEOSOPHY is a science and a history of research into the constitution
and operation of all aspects of Nature. It has been carried on for
millennia [see S D I 272-3]  

Theosophy does not restrict. It enlarges the ability to survey our
environment, our psychology and asks "Where are you going?" To that
last question it provides answers.. It then leaves the student to
pursue his own method of self-education. In so doing it recognizes
man's freedom to choose -- which he exercises in all cases. As an
independent mental power which is wholly his own. 

Therefore (as I see it) we may say: 

1.	THEOSOPHY is not a sect or a religion and does not demand or
encourage "adherents," growth," etc. No more than Science (e.g.:
mathematics, chemistry, physics, engineering, electronics, astronomy,
biology, archaeology, geology, medicine, etc...) demand sectarian
growth, faith or adherents.

2	THEOSOPHY is a statement of facts and laws in Nature. It is
therefore free and open to all, and invites examination in full. 

It therefore speaks of 

1) the UNIVERSAL EVOLUTION of intelligence and consciousness, 
2) of the LAWS that bind all living beings together into an enormous
brotherhood of immortal Pilgrims, and 
3) a goal for all that can be only described as ULTIMATE INDIVIDUAL

3	The various Theosophical bodies endeavour each in their own way
to present these facts.  

H P B as Messenger from the Lodge of Adepts wrote her great books (ISIS
SILENCE, THEOSOPHICAL GLOSSARY, etc...) and articles at Their dictation
or under Their supervision. She states this and gives examples of it.
They have issued several certificates stating this is the way it is.

4.	These facts are not subject to argument, nor do they invite
"blind belief." THEOSOPHY encourages STUDY. Each one who approaches
those writings will have to devote some time to understanding them, then
testing, and finally applying them.

5	The main area (as I see it) in which new ground is opened for
consideration is the PSYCHOLOGICAL, and the idea that every act makes us
ALONE responsible for the consequences. (Karma).

6.	It has nothing to do with the accumulation of members or any
kind of indoctrination. It UNITES it does not divide.

7	The work and function of the UNITED LODGE OF THEOSOPHISTS is to
study the laws and facts that the Lodge of Adepts provided. It offers
their original writings and has study classes on a regular basis for
their study.

8	A reading of the current issues of THEOSOPHY MAGAZINE (L A) or
the THEOSOPHICAL MOVEMENT (Bombay), published by the UNITED LODGE OF
THEOSOPHISTS , will show you how those basic teachings are looked at as
part of the great facts of existence in our World, the Earth and in our
own developing civilizations.  

9.	Those interested in studying THEOSOPHY will always find plenty
to work on without having to conform to any membership organizations and
their structures.--as those have nothing to do with actual THEOSOPHY .

10	If you wish to discover what the various organizations say they
offer, ask for their statement of objectives and principles and compare
them. The basic question is to determine if they inform fully and
universally, or do they restrict themselves to arbitrary cataloguing.
Each one who approaches either THEOSOPHY, or those organizations, has to
determine for themselves the value of the offerings. 

No one can or ought to be arbitrarily "boxed" in any way by the opinions
of others. They have to determine who and what they are by internal
examination -- meditation in short. As a good primer for this, read the

Best wishes,



-----Original Message-----
From: Morten Nymann Olesen [] 
Sent: Tuesday, October 07, 2003 2:14 PM
Subject: Re: Theos-World Theosophy, brotherhood, prayer and political

Hi Leon and all of you,

Well, your remark is wellmeant I know.

To me you sort of miss the point with my email.
The point is - which Theososophical groups or offshoots are flourishing
mostly these days and why ?
And are these groups helpful to the cause - or do they need a kind
blavatskian oppostion or help ?
To me the Alice A. Bailey groupings are fast growing groups - maybe the
fastest - when we talk theosophical offshoots.

Other groups of importance ? Anyone ?

I am not against these new groups presented by you in the earliere email
the sense, that I think they mean well.
I am against these issue I have been touching upon in my latest 10
emails or
so, - (i.e. mostly those of them not being a reply to an email) - NOT
dealt with in the different Theosophical groups - because there is
a need for it - if
the Theosophical groups wants to follow Blavatskys view on a
approach on Theosophy.
An approach where - we cull the GOOD we find in each system of teaching
- of
course old teaching system as well as the new ones !
An approach where the ASPIRANT are being given the chance to develop a
global outlook upon the Planet - and
not the rapidly spreading Alice A. Bailey version with its - heavily
westernized teachings, calling God - "he" and
the Muslim faiths a HYBRID OFFSHOOT (EP vol1., page 167). And various
groups ritualistic approaches are not healthy in many cases.

The Blavatsky approach is needed more than ever in our present
Society !
It should of course be updated and adapted to the present day teachings.
Because we live in an information society - the importance of a
mulitcultural approach is vital. The understanding
of paradigms as well - because of the computer-age and fast
science-developments which creates fast changes in the different
The cameras are turning themselves more and more in the direction of the
United Nations and its work.
The United Religious Initiative shouldn't be underestimated. (Pro-Bailey
follower Robert Muller was one of the co-founders. Robert Muller is a
United Nations advisor to the then Secretary General U Thant).

W. Q. Judge said, that crystallization of the teaching should be
avoided. I
Now if this is what ULT are doing when they teach Theosophy - then
But I have my view - and it is that the Teachers at ULT doesn't- because
they can't, the reason being, that they stick - too much - to a limited
number of books as valid wisdom teaching.
There is an audience - there are teachers. The audience has a spiritual
for a certain spiritual teaching - and they won't get it at ULT for
obvious reasons.
The audience also have a Want for teaching. What they Want is not always
what they spirituallę Need to be taught.

What the students can get from ULT is - reading the original works (at
to a certain degree). And thanks so very much for that.
This is important ! And here we can agree.

Blavatsky made a - stir in the world, in fact world wide. This is
Theosophy - proper and even Militant !
ULT - only wishpers in the wind !

The members of Theos-talk was offered to be members of ULT in an email
at Theos-Talk some days back.
I offered to become a member in an email.
I havnt received an answer yet.
This is not allright with me.

This is the break I will give us all.
We can only do our best.

M. Sufilight with peace and love...

----- Original Message ----- 
From: <>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, October 07, 2003 10:29 PM
Subject: Re: Theos-World Theosophy, brotherhood, prayer and political

Hey Sufi...

How about getting off the ULT bashing by innuendo business? Haven't you
it yet? The only way such a group like the "Noosphere" thinkers (and
could have come aćbout is if the "theosophists" who started it were
students" -- either in or out of ULT -- and not tied up with old archaic
forms of monolithic religions or political concepts like Sufism,
Hinduism, Judaism, TheosophicalSocietyism, Catholicism, Taoism,
Capitalism, etc., etc., etc.

So, give us a break already, and start practicing what you preach, by
us make theosophy dynamic in ALL directions. just go look around the
Internet at the action postings by independent theosophists (including
web sites,
noosphere's, Chris Holmes', Reed Carson's, noetic science groups, etc,
etc. -- 
some of which propose a whole new scientific way of looking at
metaphysics, and others that offer action projects that are directed to
theosophical moles caught up in their closed spin circles, as well as
the surrounding world)... And, see for yourself how many of them come
ULT, or "independent" association with theosophy, rather than any
political or philosophical organizational group.

Or, haven't you awakened yet to what's needed and going on (at least at
starting gate) in the practical world -- that certainly needs our help
straighten itself out -- before HPB's prediction of dire disaster for
evolution (if we don't do something about it) comes about?

What do your Sufi teachers say about that?

Best wishes,


In a message dated 10/07/03 7:17:48 AM,

>Hi Leon and all of you,
>Im liked the part about
>"Since the project is dynamic"
>at the link
>So when do we see a dymanic Theosophy changing and adapting to the
>presnet day and circumstance ?
>>I politely ask.
>C-ULT ?

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