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Re: Theos-World Part 2 --- "Well, hell most Jews are now atheists and homosexuals. ....

Apr 10, 2004 02:48 AM
by leonmaurer

Perhaps, if you left your paranoia behind, and your ranting about Jews, and 
told us something that might show us you understand about "cosmic strings" and 
the "etheric web," or even anything cogent about the true nature of reality or 
the theosophical synthesis as taught by HPB (subliminally, in some respects) 
-- and let us know what AAB said that augments it -- we all might understand 
what you are saying. The only thing I don't understand, is why the Jews have 
to thank you? For what? 

I think you are the one that's confused. What has your "experience" to do 
with teaching us anything that we theosophists don't understand? If you don't 
know it "intellectually" what's the point of talking about it? And, how do you 
know what any of us understands? I'm certain that that there's quite a few of 
us who know these mysteries both intellectually AND experientially -- just as 
HPB did. And, we are not afraid to talk about it. If you, as you so loudly 
profess, are the reincarnation of HPB, why can't you express that knowledge 
you say you have the same way she might? And, if you could, I'm sure that there 
are many of us here who would welcome your new teaching with open arms.

But, what makes you think AAB made it any clearer? In my view, after 
comparing AAB's teachings with all the great masters of antiquity from Hermes and 
Pythagorus to Plato, and from HPB to all the modern masters of occultism, 
including Gudjieff, Ouspensky and even Crowley -- AAB turned theosophy into a 
mystical mumbo jumbo which (witch?:) garbled it up so badly, that only mental 
deficients with built in prejudices and conditioned religious and racial biases might 
think it explains the "true nature of reality" -- which, even in the Secret 
Doctrine, included a clear explanation of cosmic strings and the etheric web 
(at least for those of us who have the intuition, the intellect, and follow 
HPB's advice to "read between the lines and in and around the words"). 

If you are not an Aryan, what are you? A throwback to the Atlanteans, 
perhaps, or maybe even the Lemurians? :-) But, what difference does that make? 
And, even if you were, and also claim to be HPB -- that would be in direct 
violation of HPB's teachings that evolution doesn't go backward. She was an Aryan 
fifth root and fifth sub racer (or maybe even sixth) so how could she 
reincarnate to an earlier race? (In this context, when we speak of "race," we do not 
refer to color or other superficial physical distinctions.) So, c'mon now, you 
don't have to let your anthropological inheritance -- which, after all, is 
only physical and superficial -- get in the way of your universal spiritual 
self. How could that lead to "universal brotherhood" -- which was the real 
purpose and aim of HPB's teachings? 

It's a shame that your teacher AAB tried to limit that only to Christians or 
those who believe in a carnal return of the Christ. I wonder what she had in 
mind for all the Jews for Jesus? Or all the Black Jews that were descended 
from the Queen of Sheba, or other Nubian women that some Hebrew Kings and Rabbis 
intermarried with before interracial marriage was barred by some of the 
European countries they moved to after the Babylonian dispersion? 


In a message dated 04/07/04 6:07:49 AM, writes:

>Leon I have been writing about cosmic strings and the etheric web and 
>experiencing it before any Jewish physicists ever thought about the 
>shit. HPB gave the Jews and the physicists their headstart. Netemara 
>picked up the banner. And what thanks do I get from the Jews? Nada.
>Makes my head spin. I don't know this stuff intellectually. I am not 
>an Aryan. I experienced it firsthand and it is from that (egoic) 
>perspective from which I speak. My first manuscript which I just dug 
>up done back in the mid 70's is about that very thing. Everyone says 
>that AAB is prosaic but do you really think they understand it? Do 
>you understand what I am saying? Obviously not.

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