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compassion thoughts on osho

Dec 06, 2004 01:42 PM
by krishtar


I once asked the group some views about the writings of Osho, which are so popular and well read today.
I admit that there had been a lot of hoaxes about his image but if we pay attention to his points of view it is very interesting and he got a brilliant and poetical way at looking and observing this world.
When I wrote at that time all I got from the question "did Osho have a theosophic mind ?" all I read were two members' similar answers: One immediately answered something like " if a bioterrorist can be called a theosophist he did have " and the other I don´t remember.
Se how limited to a kind of ready-made criticism, to pre-formed concepts webecome!!!
We become bitter!
Do we become like that when we get very much older and still in the theosophical path?
By this way we loose many opotunities of knowing other writers´ point of views.
It shows us that many of us who are so much time involved directly in the Theosophical Society or its branches sometimes lose the poesy and become so critical, that we become bitter.. farer and farer from drinking from the wine of the enlightenment.
Here we are, criticizing, acting like judges as if we were in an higher position than the other.


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