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Re: Theos-World Re: Did Judge teach hatred ?

Dec 29, 2004 06:45 PM
by Cass Silva

Thanks Zakk
Will get on the webpage now.

Zakk Duffany <> wrote:

Cass wrote in part :

> Regardless of who is the CEO and where the Corporation spreads,
> surely any branch that carries the name of Theosophy should work
> together, to harmonise the conflicts. How can Theosophy stand as
> the beacon for Truth, when its various departments keep throwing mud
> at each other, defence - attack, attack - defence in the name of
> Truth. He said, she said, Isn't it time to bury the hatchet?
> Nobody can change what has been said by members of the Society in
> the past, a continual defense and recant of other's work, undermines
> all the good work that has been done, as we would appear as
> squabbling little children in the playground of Theosophy. There is
> room for the Purists -those who follow HPB's teachings as the only
> source - and for Non-Purists, those who read what others have said.
> Even if the two are in opposition on certain points, let it be, it
> won't send anyone to the portals of hell or set them back on the
> path. Let the seeker find their own truth in their own time. HPB
> admitted that there were times she made mistakes, after all she was
> still human.<

Well said.

Cass wrote in part:

> In Isis HPB says that a soul never re-incarnates into the same cycle
> (and on the same planet?) In another passage she says that Devachan
> can range from 1000-3000 years. Perhaps I am misquoting, and I am
> certainly not challenging her authenticity, but asking for an
> explanation of what we think really happens. As there are many
> cases in the world of reincarnating egos returning to the same
> village etc.<

In Mahatma Letter #85-B, K.H. addresses this issue in detail. The apparent
contractions that you are pointing out were sent to him and he replied to 

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