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Theosophical Lodges/Branches - Future of

May 26, 2005 05:58 PM
by MKR

It has been my observation that the model of theosophical society with physical lodges in various locations was most effective in the pre-Internet world where physical communication was limited. It is also my view that in the future the role of TS would be reduced to one of taking care of the mechanical job of publishing and dissemination of information on theosophy. With the assets owned by TS, this appears to be a most feasible development.

Recently, the Texas Federation of TS(Adyar) had its annual meeting. The total attendance including the local membership was around 60. Texas, in spite of being a very large state, has just four branches. San Antonio Branch, which had one of the largest membership 25 years ago, has a small membership now. For years, until recently, it used to meet in a Building that was donated by a member to TSA for regional work. Due to economical reasons, the building was recently sold and the funds are being kept by the National Board at Olcott to be used for "Regional" theosophical work. Now the local branch has to find alternative site for its weekly meetings. In my estimate, in the next 5 - 10 years, there will not be a branch in San Antonio, which has more than 1 million population and is the 8th largest city in the USA. I think this kind of development seem to foretell possible future course of growth of branches in the nation. On the other hand, with Internet forums such as this, we are talking to each other 7/27, and we are all from around the world and with affiliations or no affiliation with organizations.

My 0.02


Anand wrote:
"I think TS will slowly have Theosophical lodges in areas mentioned.
Much depends on social, economic, political conditions in any
country. "

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