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Unmoderated TS Maillists

Mar 18, 2009 08:51 AM
by MKR

The first attempt to launch a moderated maillist list by TSA fell on it face
and disappeared. This was about 10 years ago and we all know who headed the
TSA then.

Recently I have seen some msgs on the new TSA ning community where some had
to left, voluntarily and involuntarily. Moderation is a very time consuming
and difficult job, especially if your room and board depends on the whims of
your bosses.

On the whole, both theos-L and theos-talk have survived without much of a
trouble from the participants due to "self-moderation" and continue to be
the independent voice and forum for the theosophists, dependable source of
timely and true information and has provided invaluable service to the TS
and Theosophy since the turmoil started last year and we should all be

All of us should invite anyone and everyone interested in theosophy, whether
a member of an organization or none to join and participate and help TS and


You need to see False as False to move towards discovering the Truth.

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