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Re: Re: Study Theosophy

Sep 05, 1998 03:21 AM
by Alpha (Tony)

>Martin wrote:
>I also would like to know your (everybody please) opinion on who are
>those Initiates and those Adepts. Which ones are HPB Masters. Are
>Initiates names like Pyhtagoras, Plato,  G. Bruno, Bacon, Paracelsus,

The understanding is that HPB's Master is M, but she never refers to him as
MY Master, but rather Master.

Why M?  What does it mean?

Is it that important to know who they were?  The Mahatmas don't give out
their *real* "names" publicly.

To TRY and understand what M means, is an interesting study, and will bring
far more understanding of the Mahatmas, than reading the "Myth Behind the
Masters," for example.

Pythagoras and Plato were Initiates.

Remember reading somewhere, that the normal person would not be able to tell
the difference between a chela and a Master, or something like this.  But
then there are many grades of


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