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Re: Theos-World things seem hopeless

Jul 19, 1999 05:30 PM
by clint mccray


> On page 235 of Blavatsky's KEY she says something
> like evil is rooted human
> character and character is formed from many lives of
> thinking and feeling
> along a certain line.  But the formation of evil (or
> good) character has a
> multiplier factor based on intensity or power of a
> thought, the frequency of
> repetition etc.  But even if one devoted many
> lifetimes to happily chopping
> up people, would not one get repelled or at least
> bored eventually?   If
> only "our" individual thoughts were involved --
> maybe.  But HPB and her
> gurus point out another source, an occult source, of
> evil (or good).   Those
> are the elementals of similar evil quality that are
> attracted out of  the
> astral light and affix their stimulating energies to
> us.  From that point on
> these living evil forces show us pictures, give us
> impulses etc. that are so
> powerful that many would be sorcerers, satanists are
> quite insane.  They
> find it supremely difficult to rid themselves of
> these vital  forces of
> destruction, which are not human.
> It is rather like -- one strong bad thought attracts
> three elementals.  So
> we then indulge in three bad thoughts -- which
> attract nine elementals and
> so forth.
> Conversely one powerful good thought attracts 7 
> good elementals and we
> (hopefully) think 7 good thoughts -- which attract
> 49 more good ones etc.
> These numbers and proportions were just made up by
> me to illustrate the
> point.
> There are also other occult things afoot, but it
> does really come down to
> controlling our own mind and heart and what sort of
> qualities we radiate
> into the atmosphere.
> Nicholas
>   Fine, there are these forces, and negative thoughts attract them,
and "evil" entities multiply the power of the destructive desires, but
    Why deos the manavantara phase involve such horrific designs, why,
if we are one (and I believe we are) do we war against eachother,
elementals included.  Where did malice begin?  How can it be expained?

    Honestly, if your bad thought scenario holds water, then it's no
wonder my own life has been fraught with negativity, and why so many
people who are damaged psychologically at a young age end up in such
damnable positions in society.  A child abused will think horrible
thoughts, if that attracts dark elementals and they feed on and to the
childs thought process-a child- who is clueless about the way of things
could grow up to be a tyrant.  Is no force watching out for the
mislead?  The Masters might care, but what are they doing to curb the
anger of humanity at the injustices percieved?

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