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Re: Theos-World things seem hopeless

Jul 19, 1999 07:03 PM
by Mark Kusek

clint mccray wrote:

> >   Fine, there are these forces, and negative thoughts attract them,
> and "evil" entities multiply the power of the destructive desires, but
> why?
>     Why deos the manavantara phase involve such horrific designs, why,
> if we are one (and I believe we are) do we war against eachother,
> elementals included.  Where did malice begin?  How can it be expained?

The moral choice for good or evil actions is a consequence of the
evolution of individual personality or lower self ego consciousness. In
order to have a sense of (personal) "self and other" we need a field of
opposites to manifest that in. Good and evil are just one set of relative
polarities that define the field. It is said by the wisdom tradition that
there can be no wrong action but in the astral body. Compound that with a
personal ego that knows only the lesser self embroiled in Kama (which is
most everyone) and the potential for ego aggrandizement leading toward
immoral actions appears. Evil (in all it's subtle grades) is also defined
differently from culture to culture and time to time, as are mores and
morality, although there are probably general agreements about archetypal
forms. I would go so far to say that where you find evil in the world
there is also going to be an inflated personal ego. To me they go hand in

>From a Buddhist perspective, you could probably say that evil is a result
of the ignorance of true nature.

>From a biological perspective it is the conflict of impulse systems that
are required to function as complex organisms.

But the big idea is that duality is necessary for the formation of a sense
of self and other. Good and evil are a consequential pair of that
necessity. It is a part of the plan, so to speak. Archetypal maya, but
apparently real for the unawake. Malice began with duality.

> Honestly, if your bad thought scenario holds water, then it's no
> wonder my own life has been fraught with negativity, and why so many
> people who are damaged psychologically at a young age end up in such
> damnable positions in society.  A child abused will think horrible
> thoughts, if that attracts dark elementals and they feed on and to the
> childs thought process-a child- who is clueless about the way of things
> could grow up to be a tyrant.  Is no force watching out for the
> mislead?

Wisdom and compassion are the skillful forces watching out for the

> The Masters might care, but what are they doing to curb the
> anger of humanity at the injustices percieved? >

Everything they have done and continue to do.
But the required element for effective change in the world is up to us.
You, me ( and all of us) in our efforts to cooperate with them as we can
make the difference.

The best effort one can offer is the active sacrifice of the lesser self
to the ideal of refuge in brotherhood , the truth about the nature of
reality and the wisdom and compassion of those who have attained.

Some may be called to be demon fighters, some may be called to do other
things. Unity in hierarchy. Independent action vis-a-vis hierarchy. Depth
experience for the individual.

Gate, gate, paragate, parasamgate, bodhi Svaha!


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