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Re: figures in history compared

Mar 02, 2003 08:05 AM
by Steve Stubbs " <>

--- In, "netemara888 <netemara888@y...>" 
<netemara888@y...> wrote:
> There is a karmic difference. If you 
> have read the many accounts of the holocaust as I have you will see 
> that these were choices of suffering. Some chose to suffer and go 
> through this karma fully and others died at the sight of it and 
> others committed suicide.

It might be of interest to Theosophists that there is a rabbi in 
Minneapolis who has studied the matter of holocaust victims being 
reincarnated and published two books on the subject, both published 
he published the first of these I wrote to him (not having seen his 
book but having heard about it) and told him if he was collecting any 
more stories he could have mine. He wrote back and said he thought 
my experiences were real because they "fit the profile" and that when 
I read his book I would see what he meant. I had no idea what he was 
talking about, but got his book (BEYOND THE ASHES) and was astonished 
at all the points he identified which I never realized were 
connected. Anyone would recognize bad dreams and flashbacks as part 
of it, but there were numerous other matters as well, such as 
respiratory problems, etc. One common point was bad dreams of being 
persecuted in Spain during the Inquisition campaign against the 
Maranos. (He mentioned this in his letter but I do not recall 
whether it was in the book or not.) If those dreams have any 
relation to historical experience, being murdered by Nazis, 
unpleasant as it was, was a walk in the park for their victims 
compared to being slowly tortured by the Catholic church and then 
burned to death when they were about to expire anyway. It makes one 
a believer in separation of church and state. Anyway, his book is 
quite good and, I am persuaded, valid.

That said, I have a sense that the victims did not "choose" to be 
victims in the sense that you suggest. People who get into fatal 
auto accidents might have made some bad choices which led to their 
demise (getting out of bed in the morning being the first one) but I 
doubt they "chose" to die in a car wreck. Or a concentration camp.

Nobody knows what Hitler's fate was, but I find it depressing to 
contemplate. I intuitively suspect he did not come out well.

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